Solorio Writing Center

Founded in 2018, the Solorio Writing Center is a peer tutoring program and safe-space for writing, designed, organized, and run by Solorio students.

To sign up for an appointment, please click the appointment links above.

*note that currently, the writing center allows drop ins and appointments are not required!*


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a space and foster an environment where students, regardless of their race, class, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability, and/or religious/personal beliefs, are able to collaborate with one another in order to find and develop their voices as writers.


To be a resource that creates and maintains a growth mindset culture around the importance of writing, and to build upon the strengths of students as writers so they can be successful in their future endeavors.


"The writing center has enhanced my passion for helping others and broadened my views. I believe it is important to be emotionally intelligent to be able to help others or direct them toward other sources of help and also keep in mind my own emotional state and well-being. One of the biggest values I gained from the writing center is also the importance of validation and letting others know that they are doing a good job and it is not our intention to fix them or their writing."