Mrs. Maxim's 5th Grade

February 11 - February 15

February 11 - report card generated by noon

February 12 - report cards distributed

February 18 - No School President's Day

2/11 - Read for 20 minutes/

2/12 - Read for 20 minutes/

2/13 - Read for 20 minutes/

2/14 - Read for 20 minutes/

2/15 - Read for 20 minutes

Remember to practice on IXL 2 hours weekly.

If your child is going to be absent, I appreciate you emailing me to let me know. Our school attendance policy has recently changed though.

"In order to comply with state and district requirements for documenting student absences, we will be making a slight change to our attendance policy. As directed by Chicago Public Schools, Ogden will no longer accept email or an electronic form submission as a way to excuse absences. The reason being is that neither provide a parent or guardian signature, which is a requirement to validate an absence.

Instead, on the first day an absent student returns to school, the parent/guardian must provide the school with a signed “Reason for Absence Note” or handwritten note that identifies the reason and date for each student absence. Elementary students will turn in the note to their teacher who will submit the note to the office and the paper copy will be processed and filed."

Thank you for your help with this.

Skill: Point of View

This week we will continue talking about Point of View. Now that we have mastered the different types of Point of View, we will describe how a narrator's or speaker's point of view influences how events are described.

The students have finished reading The Watson's Go To Birmingham 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis. We will tie up the novel this week by finishing our discussions on the church bombings and researching the young victims of this sad and historic moment in our history. We will wrap up our look at plot and conflict by identifying these elements in the book. We will begin new book club books later this week.

Weekly Words

Unit 12: It Takes Two

bi - two

du- two

ambi/amphi - both

1. bicycle

2. bilingual

3. biannual

4. duet

5. duplex

6. dual

7. ambidextrous

8. ambivalent

9. ambiguous

10. amphibious

Fiction Writing

Students will continue working on their fiction stories this week. Their stories will contain many literary elements that we will be studying in upcoming weeks and they will be set in a utopian society that is just reforming after a war and will include the creation of a new "government". The final draft of this story has been pushed to February 13.


Unit 7 focuses on using Equivalent fractions to add and subtract fractions.

This week will be working with mixed numbers and how to change then from improper fractions. We will then add and subtract mixed numbers.

Students should spend 2 hours weekly on IXL. If you need your child's username and password, please email me. Student's should be practicing:


K.1 - K.15

L.1 - L.23


students have been given lessons to practice to push their RIT score from where they are to the next band. Let me know if you need these lessons for your child.

Earth's Systems

We have started a new topic in Science. We are discussing matter. We will review the three types of matter and then look at a potential fourth type. We will discuss and research if this 4th type is actually matter and why or why not.


We are beginning a new unit on Exploring. We will be looking at how exploration has affected our society. We will begin with a timeline project to review what a timeline looks like and what it does. The timeline project is due on February 20.

Enrichment Schedule

Monday – Spanish

Tuesday – Art

Wednesday – Music

Thursday – Physical Education

Friday – Global Design