5th & 6th Winning Team

Welcome back to a new school year at James Ward, the winning team. We are Jenny Croitoru (Room 304) and Patrick Danaher (Room 306) the 6th grade homeroom teachers, Carissa Dilley (Room 302) and Lily Ng (Room 301) the 5th grade homeroom teachers this year. We are certain your students are excited to move up to the 3rd floor, and we are just as happy to see what great examples they will be.

There are several changes to our teaching program this year, which starts with the organization of homerooms and subject matters.

Literacy - Ms. Dilley (302)

Math - Ms. Ng (301)

Science - Mrs. Croitoru (304)

Social Studies - Mr. Danaher (306)

Our students will also receive academic support from non-homeroom teachers including:

Student services - Mrs. Ferro (300) , Mrs. Healy (204)

Bilingual Education - Mrs. Jian (206)

In addition to these core classes, students will have an enrichment period at the beginning of each day, the focus of which will be either literacy, math, health, social studies, or our social emotional learning program called Second Step. Each day will also include one of five specialist classes - PE, art, computer/technology, and Spanish. Our specialist teachers are:

PE - Coach Rodriguez (200)

Music - Ms. Saunders (210)

Computer/Technology - Mrs. Chacon (209)

Spanish - Senora Vasquez (207)

Art - Ms. Weil (303)

Finally, thank you so much to those who are able to provide our much needed classroom supplies today. If you haven't done so, we look forward to receiving the following items -believe it or not, we run out of these things every year!

2 reams of paper

3 boxes of Kleenix tissue

3 bottles of hand sanitizer

We will be sending home all communications in a weekly homeroom folder on THURSDAY, asking that you review and return it on FRIDAY each week.

Finally, please be sure you have a user name/password for the Parent Portal - it is your access to staying informed about your student's grades. In an effort to stay even more connected our team are on Class Dojo, please be sure you have joined using your special code given to your child. As a team we are also on Classroom Google where student's assignments may be seen and turned in there as well. If you need to reach us, you can use the emails provided below or on ClassDojo. However, if you do not have an email address, please seek assistance and we shall find time to get that done as well with you. It is imperative each parent connects with us via email this year.

Jenny Croitoru - jcroitoru@cps.edu

Carissa Dilley - cmdilley@cps.edu

Alicia Ferro - aferro1@cps.edu

Susan Healy - smhealy@cps.edu

Jing Jian - jjian@cps.edu

Lily Ng - lng@cps.edu

Patrick Danaher - pmdanaher@cps.edu

We look forward to an exciting new year with this great group of students!

5th Graders

Welcome to 5th grade, your first year of MIDDLE SCHOOL! To help you and your parents along the way, here is a list of the routines and resources you will be using this year in all of your classes!

5/6 Pod Discipline Program
Resources for parents

Fall 2018 Youth Flyer.pdf


A wonderful opportunity for you to find your artistic side after school. They also have homework help and Chess Club after school and before the program begins.

CPS Arts Program

If you are interested in the ARTS program, please sign up using this link.