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Topic 3 - Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers

Oct 8 - Lesson 3-1

Oct 9 - Lesson 3-2

Oct 10 - Lesson 3-3

Oct 11 - Lesson 3-4

Oct 15 - Placement Test (See calendar)

Oct 16 - Lesson 3-5

Oct 17 - Lesson 3-6

Oct 18 - Lesson 3-7

Oct 21 - Mixed Review

Oct 22 - Lesson 3-8

Oct 23 - Lesson 3-9

Oct 24 - Lesson 3-10

Oct 25 - Topic 3 Test

Spelling tests take place each Friday. These spelling words complement the reading class (Mrs. Sosa's classroom). Lists of words are posted on Mrs. Sosa's page as well as the workbook pages that accompany each week's story. Spelling tests count towards 15% of each student's writing grade.


Human Body, Senses, & the Brain

In this Mystery, students discover the basics of how their eyes work, and figure out some of the causes of vision problems.

This introductory human body unit takes the perspective that we can think about our bodies as being like a machine. We have parts for moving around, sensors, and a built-in computer. Students explore their senses and consider how the information we process helps us understand and react to our environment.

No-Name Papers: Papers without a name are kept but then thrown away at the end of each quarter. If a student knows they turned something in, and it's listed as missing, he/she should see me. I will update the grade without penalty.

Data Folders: Data folders come home after students complete the pre-test for the NEW topic. Because this happens immediately after a topic test, parents are encouraged to look at the data of the topic exam as well. The main point is for parents to see data/reflections as students begin the NEW topic, so that if there is a struggle, we can help them then, before finding this out when the final exam comes. :)

Absent Work: Click for Absence Form All work done while a student is absent is still expected to be completed (after an extension).

Math Homework: Homework is announced daily, it is written on the homework calendar in class, and can be found on the homework calendar above.

Extra Credit: Extra credit is offered weekly in the form of a Problem of the Week. Students may work on the P.O.W. if/when they finish all classwork assignments, at the end of class. They may also work on it at home.

Science Homework: Students rarely have homework in science, possibly twice each quarter, and usually only if students don't finish in-class work. It will be written on the homework calendar if something needs to be completed.

Planned Absences: Per Dr. Albani - "Teachers cannot, and will not, provide work in advance of a planned absence. Daily classroom plans are responsive to student needs and choices. In the event of an absence, teachers will provide some independent work to try to catch up the student when the child returns; however, lost instruction and hands-on classroom experiences can never be fully replaced."

Monday - Library

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - PE

Friday - Computers