Friday, October 11th, 2019

Important Reminders

  • Please remember the Hispanic Heritage Project is DUE WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16TH

It's all about your/your family’s culture!

Include: 1) Heritage 2) Languages 3) Values 4) Traditions 5) Holidays 6) Religion 7) Shared Hobbies/ Interests 8) Unique/Special Foods

Decorate your poster with images, drawings or other decorations to show off your culture!

  • **Due to the inclement weather forecast for Friday, the Track-A-Thon will be postponed to Wednesday, 10/16. We understand that this may limit the available volunteers, so we thank you to those who initially signed-up! We completely understand if you are no longer available but do appreciate the support. If we do not get enough volunteers for 10/16, we will figure out a way to cover it with school staff. **
  • Level 1 Volunteer link: This is the link you need to fill out if you want to help out in the classroom. Please remember it takes up to a week! You must also bring in a photo ID to the main office.

Halloween Costume Policy

Please note that at LaSalle II we do have a costume policy for Halloween.

  • Grades PK-3: Students can wear costumes that are appropriate for school. No masks or weapons/props will be allowed.
  • Grades 4-8: Students can dress in “festive” attire. This would include orange and black clothing or Halloween-themed clothing. Students can also wear Halloween-themed accessories. For example, a pumpkin necklace or headband. No full costumes, masks or props allowed.

Also, per our regular school policy, no candy or food will be distributed during the school day.

We are the September Box Top Champions!


  • 10/11(Friday)- Healthy Family Fest *NOW INDOORS*
  • NO SCHOOL - Monday, October 14th - Indigenous People Day
  • The Track-A-Thon will be Wednesday, 10/16.

Plan for Week of September 30th


We will complete our "Living and Learning" unit one by practicing some other good reading skills such as reading reference texts, using dictionaries and glossaries, identifying main idea and author's purpose.


Find the story-based vocabulary here.


This week, we will finish our National Geographic Magazine reading a story about "The Problem with Plastics"


We will continue with our unit on Multiplication! We will learn about multiplication on a number line and how multiplication and division are related.

Fast Facts Multiplication on 0-3 Times Tables on Friday October 18th

This week's vocabulary

IXL Practice

Social Studies

We will continue in our social studies book with the first unit "Our Environment". This week we will read and talk about weather, climate and forces of nature. We will also be doing some current events using our weekly news magazine.

Writing and Grammar

We will be learning about the four types of sentences and practicing how to write each one.

Sentence Writing Rules


This week we will play some spelling games using all the words from the first unit and review all the spelling patterns.

NO spelling test on Friday.

Find the Spelling List here.

Socio-emotional Topic


We will practice communication skills including saying nice words, manners, giving peer feedback and asking questions.

Important Reminders


Students will be informed of missing assignments by Thursday of every week. They will have time during the afternoon on Thursday and during Fun Friday to complete these missing assignments. Beginning the second quarter, assignments will lose ten points every day the assignment is late from the time the assignment is entered in the portal. After 10 days late, from the assigned date, assignments will not be given any credit and will be entered as a zero.


Teachers cannot, and will not, provide work in advance of a planned absence. Daily classroom plans are responsive to student needs and choices. In the event of an absence, teachers will provide some independent work to try to catch up the student when the child returns; however, lost instruction and hands-on classroom experiences can never be fully replaced.


Children must bring in a written reason for their absence every day they are absent. This must be done even if you email us the day of the absence. There is a blank one on the LaSalle 2 website to copy and fill in, or you can just do your own note. Also, please try to call in the absence by 8:15am!

CPS Volunteer Policy:

If we are taking a field trip and you want to be a supervising parent chaperone meaning you WILL NOT take a group on your own, then you must be approved as a Level 2 volunteer. This process just requires an application and their ID being copied in the office.

If you want to be a parent chaperone and be on your own with a group of students or help in the classroom with a small group of students, you will need to be approved as a Level 1 volunteer. This would be any situation in which a parent is assigned to a group of students and they are out of your supervision of their classroom teacher. Level 1 requires a background check and fingerprinting. This process takes several weeks, so if you are planning on being a Level 1 volunteer, I advise you let me know so we can get the process started. JUST FOLLOW THE LINK ABOVE!

Wish List:

  • Stickers for papers and prizes
  • Large Industrial Pencil Sharpener
  • Wireless keyboard and camera for SmartBoard

  • Classroom prizes (like MadLibs, puzzles etc.)
  • Colored printer paper (pink, yellow, green and blue)
  • Collapsible bins for the class library


Daily Schedule (M-W)

7:45-8:00- Breakfast

8:00-9:00- Math

9:00-10:00- Reading

10:00-11:00- Specials

11:00-11:45- Language Arts

11:45-12:30- Recess/Lunch

12:30-12:45- Health and Wellness

12:45-1:15- Science/ Social Studies

1:15-2:00- Languages/Small Groups

2:00-2:45- Languages/ Small Groups

First Quarter Specials

  • Monday - ART
  • Wednesday - P.E.
  • Thursday - P.E.
  • Friday - ART

Grading Categories

Reading and Math

Homework -10.0%

Assignments- 30.0%


Participation- 10.0%

Assessments- 35.0%

Science and Social Studies

Assessments- 15.0%

Participation- 20.0%

Homework- 15.0%

Assignments- 50.0%


Assignments- 40.0%

Writing Process- 40.0%

Spelling - 20.0%

Student Accountability


  • Students keep track of their participation in math class using tally marks
  • Students will write down their assignments in their agenda book.
  • Students will complete a reading log and reflection sheet.
  • Students will get their agenda books signed on a nightly basis.


  • Students will reflect on their completed work and find their “grows” and “glows”.
  • Students will complete a progress reflection sheet to discuss with their parents.
  • Students will set a goal for the next week.


  • Students will complete report card reflection sheets.
  • Students will assist in the report card conferences.
  • Students and parents to set goal together for the next quarter.