Room 211

Grading Scale

100 - 90 A

89-80 B

79-70 C

69-60 D

59 - 0 F

Gradebook Categories

Formal/Informal Assessments 35%

Class Assignments/Independent Work 35%

Class Participation and Group Work 30%

Welcome Letter - This letter will remain on this page.

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Late Work Policy

All work is expected to be turned in on time. It is not my practice to accept work after its due date unless your child is sick which necessitated an absence or other extenuating circumstance as defined by your student handbook – family emergency or the passing of a family member. Sports activities, practices, forgetfulness, or family vacations do not fall under the category of extenuating circumstances.

Make – ups

Work – All work will be listed on the calendar, both in class and homework. If your child is absent, they should be checking the calendar so the work can be brought in upon their return to the classroom. If it is a group project, if your child cannot join in with the assignment upon their return, I may give them another activity or excuse the activity altogether depending on how far the class is in the completion process.

Assessments – If/when your child is sick or absent for any of the extenuating circumstances, they are expected to take their assessment the day of their return unless they have been absent 3 or more days then the assessment will be given to them the third day of their return (they will have two days to make sure they have all the material and the third day they will be assessed).


Many of the students’ tests will be taken in Google Classroom. This app now has a ‘lockdown’ browser which means that the students cannot navigate away (go to another website while testing) from the test. If they do, Classroom will notify me that the student has left the testing website. Moving away from the testing site to other websites during testing is strictly prohibited and such conduct could result in your child receiving a ‘0’ score. Best testing practice – students are to keep their eyes on their work. There should be no conversation amongst the students until all students are finished testing.

Group work

Group work is important. Each student is expected to participate and do the required amount of work. If your child is not doing the work in the group, it is only fair they receive a grade no higher than a 55%. How will it be determined whether your child has put in the required effort – student and group reflection as well as informal observations of student work. The process of completing the assignment will be graded under Class participation with the completed assignment graded under the category of Class assignments.

Group-Discussion Activity Rubric

Group work rubric

News Paper

This questionnaire will help identify strengths and weaknesses in your teens' planning, organization, flexibility, time management, emotional control, metacognition, and perseverance.

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