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Mission Statement

The Corning-Painted Post School District recognizes that the shift to remote learning may be challenging and every care will be taken to be as flexible as possible when providing instruction and support to our remote learners. The key to establishing a successful Remote Learning Community is to create a solid foundation in the remote learning environment. This begins by building strong relationships with all students and families in the remote learning setting. Instruction at the start of the school year and throughout will include time that is devoted to addressing the importance of student preparation, motivation, engagement, and the development of clear expectations for what learning will look like each day in a Remote Learning Community. Activities will be designed to meet the needs of students in the remote learning environment through differentiated experiences that are consistent with those of their grade-level peers attending in-person.

Student Expectations in a Remote Learning Community:

  • Remote learners will join their in-person peers via Google Classroom for synchronous instruction.

  • Remote learners will participate in a five-day established schedule for remote learning that includes breaks, movement, and the coursework that students in-person receive.

  • Remote learners will follow the District Code of Conduct (including Dress Code).

  • Remote learners will use the features of our technology platform to engage in discussion, participate in class activities, and complete assignments.

  • Remote learners will be encouraged to utilize the camera feature to show their face during instructional time in order to engage with the teacher virtually.

Tools for Remote Learning:

The District has streamlined the number of technology platforms that are used across the district. Teachers in grade levels and departments will utilize common platforms for instruction. The tools will provide multiple ways for students to actively participate in a remote learning community and demonstrate mastery of Learning Standards.

  • The District will provide all students with a learning device.

  • The District will provide technical support and will be available to students and care providers.

  • Students will follow district guidelines for device care and use to ensure they are effectively maintained.