NYSSMA Solo Festival

The NYSSMA Solo Festival scheduled for April 24-25 in Bath has been SUSPENDED. We do not know if or when the suspension may be lifted. Students are encouraged to continue practicing if they are able. Whether you end up playing for an adjudicator as planned or not, time spent working as a musician is always time well spent! Please email your music teacher if you need any assistance.

What is NYSSMA Solo Festival?

NYSSMA Solo Festival offers students the opportunity to perform a solo for a trained NYSSMA adjudicator who will evaluate and score the performance. The student will perform a prepared solo that is listed in the NYSSMA manual along with selected scales or rudiments (instrumentalists only) and a short sight-reading excerpt. This is a great opportunity for students to perform for someone other than their teacher and get constructive comments on their performance. Solo scores received at this festival may also be used towards application to Area All-State ensembles (band, chorus and orchestra, grades 7-12) next November.

Who can participate?

Students in the Corning-Painted Post School District who are in grades 1-12 and:

  • play piano.
  • play a stringed instrument.
  • play a band instrument.
  • sing.

When and where is NYSSMA Solo Festival?

The 2020 Zone 15 NYSSMA Solo Festival will be held Friday and Saturday, April 24 and 25 at Haverling High School in Bath, NY.

Students will be assigned a 10-15 minute time slot on either Friday or Saturday of the festival weekend.

Friday: 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Saturday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

The schedule will not be available until a few weeks prior to the festival, so students and parents must reserve those days or be flexible with other plans in order to accommodate the assigned solo time. Times are very limited on Friday evening and Saturday morning, so only request a time preferences if there is an UNAVOIDABLE conflict.

How can my student get registered?


Corning-Painted Post Band and Chorus students choosing to audition on a band instrument or voice

  • These students will be registered by their district band or chorus teacher.
  • A commitment form should be submitted to their teacher by the district deadline, Friday, February 28.
  • By such time, students must also have completed the solo selection process.
  • If a student is selecting their solo with a private teacher the solo information on the commitment form MUST be complete and accurate by the deadline.
  • Registration fees (paid by the district) are non-refundable so it is imperative that students and parents be committed. Students who miss these deadlines or do not adequately prepare may not be registered.


Corning-Painted Post students choosing to audition on piano and/or strings

  • These students will be registered by the Music Coordinator upon completion of the online "Registration Request" form no later than Friday, February 28th.
  • The online form can be found by going to the CPP Music Department webpage and clicking on the NYSSMA Solo Festival tab.
  • Only requests with complete and accurate information received by the deadline will be honored.
  • Registration fees (paid by the district) are non-refundable so it is imperative that students and parents be committed.
  • Students must have two original copies of the solo for the adjudication—one for the student and one for the adjudicator (one more if accompanied). Illegal photo copies are strictly prohibited. Parents and private instructors should discuss this well in advance.
  • When the schedule is published you will be notified via email of your child’s audition time.
  • Direct all questions to Music Coordinator, Karen Bryson, kbryson@cppmail.com (607)368-5366.

The following information is necessary in order to submit the request:

  • Name and contact information for private teacher (email preferred)
  • Name and contact information for parents (email preferred)
  • Student name, grade and school (grades 1-12 only)
  • Instrument (piano or strings only)
  • Level (1-6 or All-State)
  • Accompanist name (if applicable)
  • Solo title, composer/arranger, name of book or collection (if applicable), NYSSMA Manual page number (Make sure you are using NYSSMA Manual Edition 32.)
  • Scheduling needs