Cozad High School Maker Fair

On Monday, February 5th and Tuesday, February 6th, the students at Cozad High School will have the opportunity to take part in courses that are not typically offered at CHS. The 2018 Maker Fair is our fourth annual event, which is loosely based on college interim programs. This project is funded by a grant from the Cozad Foundation.

Over the course of two school days, all staff and many community members will be teaching more than 55 different courses. These courses will range in length from 3 hours (half day), to a full day, and even to two full days.

For educators who are out of district, please go to the Out of District Registration page and register at the bottom of the page.

Students - please read the Course Descriptions page to see what courses you are interested in. Registration will be as follows:

  • Seniors - November 27-30
  • Juniors - December 4-7
  • Sophomores - December 11-14
  • Freshmen - December 18-21
  • New Students or those that did not register - January 3

You will be placed into courses based on availability, so it is important that you also list alternate courses. Schedules will be distributed to you Friday, February 2.

There will be NO changing of schedules.