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    • Semester Finals on 12/20 a great resource to study is your previous chapter tests. Good Luck
    • Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Site Description

This is the place where you will go to find all of the things that you need in my class. Assignments, Notes, Extra Practice, Extra Resources, and Extra Credit(if available). You may also come to the site to ask questions on assignments and have discussions with your classmates. Bonus points/assessment fix opportunities may be available to those who contribute to the threads for their class online.

Cozad Community Schools

2018 District Mission, Vision, Values, &Beliefs

Vision: Learning for All ... Learning for Life

Mission: The mission of Cozad Community Schools is to prepare students to be lifelong learners and productive, responsible citizens by providing a quality education in cooperation with family and community.

Values - Guiding Principles

Respect - Trust, appreciate, celebrate, value, act with urgency

Integrity - Do the right thing, deliver highest quality instruction and practice full accountability.

Teamwork - Teamwork at all levels districtwide, recognize and celebrate, have fun and enjoy.

Innovation - Positive attitude, open to new ideas

Courage - Embrace change and take calculated risk, encourage others, communicate directly with respect

Belief Statements:

  • We believe learning is built on relationships.
  • We believe that quality of instruction is the most important element in our mission.
  • We believe in strong relationships between school and community.
  • We believe it is essential to continuously grow leadership among our staff and students.
  • We believe that innovation and creativity are essential elements in both teaching and learning.
  • We believe learning should have personal meaning and relevance.
  • We believe all students should leave our school prepared to pursue a career or further their education.
  • We believe effective communication is essential to our mission.
  • We believe early interventions are vital to our mission.
  • We believe in continuous professional growth for all staff.
  • We believe students should have access to their learning outside of the classroom.
  • We believe instruction in online behavior and presence is vital to the health and well-being of our students.
  • We believe incorporating online teaching and learning resources are vital to our mission.
  • We believe in the use of quality data to inform our practices and decision making.

Mr. Tvrdy's Class Expectations

  • Be Prepared
    • In class with Paper, Pencil, Chromebook
    • In your seat and doing warm up before the tardy bell
  • Be On Task
    • We will have several guided practice problems each day
    • There will be class time for homework
  • Be Ready to Prove It
    • Any and ALL work digitally does NOT excuse you from needing to show and do work on PAPER
  • Be Resourceful when Appropriate (i.e. Not Quizzes and Tests)
    • You have notes
    • You have a device that can help
    • You have a neighbor that may be able to help
    • You have a teacher that can help
  • Be Respectful
    • To your Neighbors
    • To your Teacher
    • To Yourself

Class Procedures

  • NO Bags, Backpacks, Computer Bags, etc. in Class EVER
  • NO Phones in Class EVER
    • 1st offense warning
    • 2nd offense taken by teacher
    • 3rd offense and on go to the office
  • Beginning of Class
    • Have your previous days homework out and ready
    • Have any warm up work done
    • Be in seats ready to start
  • During Class
    • Be taking notes
    • Be engaged in lesson
    • Be in seat unless permission is given
    • Restroom
      • Best to go between classes
      • If you must leave during class have permission
  • After Class
    • Have work outside of class assigned completed before class the next day
  • Extra Help
    • We all have access to a device that can help when appropriate
    • I am able to be contacted via email or hangouts for tutoring sessions
    • Make the effort to take your learning seriously
  • Tardy
    • The school policy on tardy's will apply in my class
      • One warning and after that detentions will be issued
  • Grading
    • My classes grades are on percentages
      • 5% Preparedness
      • 15% Homework
      • 40% Quizzes
      • 40% Tests
    • The Assessments as always are worth a majority of your grade
      • Many of the quizzes will be able to be retaken
      • Many assessment questions are going to be from notes or homework
  • Behavior
    • The goal of the room is to grow and learn
    • Those who distract the room from the goals will be subject to discipline
  • Make Up Work
    • Students leaving or missing school for an activity need to have make up slip signed by teacher PRIOR to leaving.

Bell Schedules

Course Codes for my Classes in BigIdeas:

1st Period - Geometry - YM3N-YG5T-SKZ2

2nd Period - Algebra - 4KY4-G2EN-PKK5

3rd Period - Plan

4th Period - Algebra II - 5JJ5-X8ZG-EDE4

5th Period (A) - Algebra II - ADMH-ZP7R-5AAE

6th Period - Geometry - RBM7-KNG5-Y2BZ

7th Period - Geometry - G8ZM-MSY3-XY3P

8th Period - Freshman CORPS

Khan Academy

If you Sign Up to Have me as a Coach so that I can see any progress that You make Independently on a Topic

1. Log In with your School Account at

2. visit

3. Enter the Class Code below for the course that you are in.

Algebra 1 - S9HPZR

Geometry - 4HT6NF

Algebra II - K6NNZ2

Course Codes For Google Classroom

Algebra 1 - lbe8l9u

Geometry - 5jwtw1

Algebra II - o12tp4w

Freshmen CORPS - liin7q