Hands-On Courage

Design a hands-on, interactive component to add to C2C programs

Women of Courage

Create a booklet and/or a short program based on stories of women rescuers

C2C Survivor Shorts

Review exisiting survivor footage and choose snippets to combine based on theme (e.g. select snippets from 5 survivor interviews talking about life before the war...)

Diplomats of the Holocaust

Copy the current style of the "Unknown Heroes" booklet series and add stories of WW2 diplomats


Setup a classroom program similar to C2C QLD but in ACT

Recruit & train ACT community members

Cambodian Community Outreach

Work with Cambodian survivors to help them share their stories of courage and survival

Indigenous Community Outreach

Work with members of the stolen generation to help promote their stories of courage and survival

C2C Survivor Storybooks

Create short booklets based on C2C survivor stries

Essay Competition

Offer students to participate in a C2C themes essay competition with a small cash prize for the best essay (e.g. describe what it means to be an upstander...)

Teacher Event

Organise an event for teachers who participate in C2C, develop a network of educational professionals

Upstander Art

Place a call for upstander themed art. Put art work on display to promote C2C.

Review Past Ideas

Discover great ideas and initiatives discussed in the past and review which can be re-used today