The Medical Robotics & Imaging Lab


The Medical Robotics Lab (MRL) was founded by Prof. Nikolaos (Nikos) V. Tsekos. We are focused on the development of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)-centric Cyber-Physical Systems for MRI-guided and robot-assisted interventions.

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Currently Available MSc Thesis Research Projects for talented MS students to pursue exciting research. Further Strengthen your expertise and apply your talents in some high impact areas.

Current Works

Computational Framework: An in-house developed framework for streamlined and modular integration of MR scanners, computational methods, robotic systems, and humans via Holographic Interfaces. Three projects are currently evolving:

  • (ISMRM 2022) Human-to-MR Scanner immersion: toward tele-scanning

  • Multi-User Interactive and Synergistic Immersion

  • Holographic & XR interfaces (on-line with MRI scanners and their data)

Low Field MRI: Fighting with the Boltzmann distribution of the nuclear spin for high quality affordable point-of-care healthcare. A mouthful & cute description.

The MR-Bots: Approaches in using the MR scanners to image, guide and propel micro-applicators for image-guided targeted delivery of agents or interventions

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