Help With Your Screenplay

To get your screenplay started—or to help you make it stronger—you start with the proper screenplay format and screenplay font. The best and easiest way to get these right—and help you get a movie going in the mind of the reader (and not distract from it)—is by starting with screenwriting software (some of which is free).

Next, pick a genre that's right for your project, and watch all the films in that genre you can. Now go through and get a better sense of the fundamental elements that go into making a good screenplay great, including the underlying dynamics of a good dramatic story, the most compelling characters—and what actualizes it all, well-written action narratives and efficiently engaging dialogue. With a better fundamental understanding of all that goes into making a movie work, you now have what you need to think through a concept for your project.

Here comes the "secret sauce" (but only if you want your screenplay to stand out from the rest in the pile):

That should impress readers and producers. You might also consider general screenwriting pointers and specific tips and suggestions on writing good screenplay action narratives and winning screenplay dialogue.

Then take a look at what contemporary and classic experts on dramatic writing have to say about making your screenplay better in the Magic Star of Dramatic Writing.

You will ultimately sell your movie to Hollywood, but you may want to look over tips on marketing your screenplay just in case.

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