Team 2

Welcome to Team 2

If you have any questions or concerns you would like to share with the team you can contact us all at:

If you would like to contact us individually, please email us directly at:

Mr. Dan Camillo - Math -

Mr. Hilary Church - Technology -

Mrs. Shannon Constantino - Counselor -

Mrs. Jen Drake - Home & Career Skills -

Mr. Cory Giroux - Social Studies -

Mrs. Donna Murphy - English Language Arts -

Mrs. Sherlyn Pallassino - Special Education -

Mr. Brian Tasselmyer - Science -

Ms. Devon Tennant - Social Worker -

Team 2 teachers meet everyday 7th period. If you would like to meet with us as a team, please contact Mrs. Shannon Constantino at to arrange an appointment

The purpose of the Cortland Junior High School is to foster a community of positivity, self-reliance, and love of learning for all.