Welcome to 6th Grade

Life Long Learners

Love Learning

The sixth grade curriculum is based on the Diocesan Religion Standards, Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. The students English is reading, writing, listening, speaking, and language studies. Our Literature program is designed to grow their world view and develop strategies for lifelong learning. Using TCi History Ancient Civilizations, they will explore the ancient world and have a chance to recreate some of the most important civilizations and learn what gifts they gave to our current civilization. They enjoy making connections between what they are learning in Social Studies to what we are learning in Religion. Students are able to model mathematics with real-world problems to make sense of math and apply their knowledge. They learn about and create art through our Meet the Masters program.

Love and Serve God and Others

Living the life of the Christ is a choice that the sixth grader makes as they grow deeper in their faith and knowledge of scripture. In reading from the Old Testament they begin to understand the foundation of our our Catholic doctrine and traditions. They are learning further from Father Leo who keeps the topic of religion interesting, relovent, inspiring and informative. Sixth graders live by example by studying the saints and having student saint presentations weekly. They are the example, serving as traffic monitors in order to make sure our school community stays safe while students are getting picked up and dropped off. The students partake in the community of Corpus Christi as altar servers for parish and school masses. They embrace Dia de los Muertos by holding a prayer service for this amazing Catholic/Aztec tradition. Sixth grade at Corpus Christi gives the student an opportunity to show the school, community, and world that they are a follower of Christ.

Love One's Self

By acknowledging that each student is a unique, amazing person, and there are no other student like themselves they grow to love who they are . Through developing a relationship with God they learn this self-awareness. This year they have an opportunity to grow in mind, body and spirit as they learn to become world, national and community citizens through their knowledge of our curriculum and ourselves.


Ms Schiess


Mr Niespolo