Ready to Grow in

Second Grade

Second graders are immersed in a rich year full of learning based on our Student Learning Expectations…

“Love and Serve God and Others”

Second graders become spiritually rooted individuals through gaining an understanding of what it means to be an active Christian. This is a special year for students as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion. Students participate in two class retreats with their parents as a part of this preparation for their First Eucharist. Second graders also meet regularly with Father Leo to discuss traditions of the Catholic Church, lead a St. Francis prayer service with Kindergarten friends, and present a play that carries the message of how to be an example of God’s word.

“Love Learning”

Second graders become academically responsible individuals through various modes of learning. This year, students continue building the fundamental skills needed to become lifelong learners. This is a year when students begin to grow in independence through the areas of reading, writing, computation, problem solving and more. In Social Studies and Science, students partake in special projects throughout the year. This enhances learning and encourages responsibility and organization. It will definitely be a year full of many fun learning adventures.

“Love One’s Self”

Second graders are on the path to become more self-aware individuals through varying activities and experiences. Students have the opportunity to share about themselves and practice presentation skills while being Student of the Week. There is time dedicated for daily mindfulness and/or reflective practice after the hustle and bustle of recess. Second graders also grow in confidence as they participate in weekly meetings with their fifth grade reading buddies and monthly meetings with school families. Students also engage in activities and lessons that focus on empathy, tolerance and self-regulation through our Parent Education Program and Zones of Regulation curriculum.


Mrs. Williams


Ms. Cushing