Welcome to 5th grade!

Together WE can do GREAT things!


Fifth Graders enjoy a year of learning based on our Student Learning Expectations...

Love and Serve God and Others

Fifth graders participate in many class, group, and individual service activities that bring them closer to God.  We help others by visiting the St. Mary’s center in Oakland to serve lunch for the less fortunate and elderly. We put on our school community’s Thanksgiving prayer service, and serve as leaders in our school families. We lead the Immaculate Conception Mass in December for our parish community, as well as perform Tenebrae for our parish and school community on Holy Thursday. Through our Kindergarten Buddy program, we participate in projects with each other that will introduce the Kindergarteners to the loving community of Corpus Christi. We also meet weekly with our second grade reading buddies.  At the end of fifth grade, all students are trained to be altar servers for parish and school masses.

Love Learning

Fifth graders enthusiastically expand their minds every day.  We adhere to a rigorous curriculum, which addresses the Diocesan Religion Standards, CommonCore Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and updated standards in Social Studies.  A strong emphasis is placed on developing reading strategies and study skills that will help them be prepared for the forthcoming challenges of junior high. We also participate in many inspiring projects, such as historical research to learn about roles in colonial days, newspapers, and arts and crafts. We learn about and create art through our Meet the Masters program. Our students gain a literary foundation through personal book reports and reading books as a class, such as C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Gennifer Choldenko's Al Capone Does My Shirts. We gather for weekly science labs where they participate in many interesting experiments. Technology is integrated into all aspects of our curriculum, including learning how to type and technology literacy.

Love One's Self

Fifth graders will grow with their classmates as they begin to recognize and focus on their own internal compass, which will guide them through the ups and downs of middle school. They participate in activities which focus on empathy, tolerance, and understanding of others.  As a school we celebrate many occasions with our school families, which helps students have a deeper understanding of the richness of our community. It is our goal to help them understand themselves more clearly and give them the life skills they need to be confident, strong contributors to society. 


Mr. Smith

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