Beet and Orange Salad

A balanced and fresh salad, with a tart dressing, sweet beets and citrusy satsumas. The perfectly boiled beets are soft, complementing the nice crunch of fennel and nuts. Try it as a light but tasty meal!

First, gather all your ingredients: a couple of oranges of your choice, two medium beets, some salad greens, a small fennel bulb, walnuts, olive oil, orange juice (freshly squeezed or out of the box works!), balsalmic vinegar, and onion powder.

Any nuts will do, and many different kinds of oranges too. I used satsumas (thanks Betty!).

There's not much to this quick and easy recipe other than assembly of the salad, the dressing, and a few steps of prep!

Firstly, boil beets in water, and if desired, toast the nuts in oven at 350°F for a 8-12 minutes, shaking the tray now and then.

Then create your dressing, combining the olive oil, OJ, balsalmic vinegar, and onion powder. This should make a fair amount of dressing, and you can easily make more or save extra some extra in a container.

Last step is to cut up your ingredients (fennel, beets, and nuts) and separate your oranges in to slices. This recipe makes four servings, so if you use the provided ratios, make four plates with an even amount of every ingredient. Drizzle as much dressing over top as you'd like & enjoy :)