Clothes for Robots:

An Interactive Workshop on how clothes can be functional for robots


Call for Participation

Clothes for robots: An interactive workshop on how clothes can be functional for robots

Half-day Morning Remote Workshop at HRI2021

This workshop aims to gather designers, researchers, academics and practitioners with a background in human-robot interaction design, fashion design, psychology, design, and design research to discuss a future of clothes for robots. Half the workshop will consist of hands on design (materials list provided on website), while the other half will consist of discussion.

For more details, see this document.


How to participate:

To participate, submit a 2-3 page CHI abstract in the form of PDF to the email If the paper is accepted participants will be asked to prepare a poster, which should include perspectives on robot clothing and any prior work relevant to this topic. Here are some topics which applicants might focus on:

  • The role of aesthetics in HRI

  • Relevant theory or research methods in design

  • Relevant best practices in robot/fashion design

  • Psychology of fashion

  • Art practice of fashion design

  • Textile affordances for user experience

Papers will be reviewed by the workshop organizers and evaluated based on their novelty, quality, and relevance to the workshop themes. Posters and papers can be created by one or more participants; however, at least one author of the accepted poster is required to register for the workshop.


Recommended Materials

Please assemble the following list of materials (at least one from each category). It is not required, but will likely enhance the workshop experience. Many materials can be found at home, and we encourage creativity and flexibility in selecting the materials from the home (i.e, soap dispenser as robot form, old pillow cases, etc.). If you do not have access to any of the following, please let us know by February 28th.


  • robot or robot stand in (i.e., large soap dispenser, jointed lamp)

Main Material

  • yarn, ribbon, and/or trim

  • fabric remnants, plastics, or other scrap materials (contents of your recycling bin)

  • tissue paper


  • scissors or pinking sheers

  • exacto knife

Attachment methods or adhesives

  • adhesive velcro or zip ties

  • ball point pins

  • needle and thread

  • Hot glue gun (optional)

  • tape and/or staples

Marking/ coloring

  • sharpies or other colored markers