Creating an objective, transparent and accessible criteria to support sustainable investment.

November 28-30 — Penha Longa Hotel — Portugal

How about being part of change that can be recorded in history?

Then join the Dolphin Impact Investment gathering to co-create a criteria to choose projects which cause a true benefit to our current and future society.

If we align our thoughts, at the genesis of any human endeavour, focusing on the essential pillars of sustainability: Peace, Health, Ecology and Education, then whatever we create will be impactful, economically viable and sustainable.

What we need is a simple, objective and transparent tool to distinguish a sustainable investment. Then, all investment which follow these principles, will create real economic value, empowering innovation and sustainability.

We are gathering a group of 18 creative minds with a sustainable vision —whom we call Dolphins— to start a movement toward impact investing.

Its going to be a lifetime experience bringing together like minded, creative and talented people from many areas of expertise discussing global initiatives and investments based on sustainable concepts and ideas.

Our goal is to make a global impact in the world, meeting critical human needs and implementing innovative sustainable leading strategies, through Dolphin participation.

Every Dolphin is chosen carefully based on their desire and potential for change.

Together we will discuss and create instruments to turn investment decision making objective and transparent, using our brilliance by sharing ideas and brainstorming solutions to solving problems. Explore the details of the journey here.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

The second best time is NOW!”

"Ancient proverb"

Why do we talk about sustainability and social impact separately from profits? Shouldn't it all be just business and shouldn't all business be social, sustainable and profitable? If we decide to analyse all measures and costs holistically, we will come to the conclusion that only sustainable businesses are profitable.

If sustainability and social impacts become central to any decision and resource allocation, we will soon need not to be concerned about sustainability as a whole. It will become part of our existence both as citizens and decision makers.