I’m often asked, "What do you do?" upon meeting friends for the first time. The truth is that there are so many answers. For all that I want to be and try to be, one piece generally finds its way to center stage. Appropriately so, that is often my family. But I always have some creative peace [sic] going (usually on my lap in the car or stuffed in the side of my messenger bag for stolen moments at traffic lights); these have included a children’s book, a narrative for a novel in progress, a “big ideas” list, SPSS data printouts, teaching ideas and sketches, a to do list including letters to write, and a calendar of the week for the question of when I will fit in grocery shopping and laundry. God has given me so much. When asked, “What did you do with all that I have given to you?” I hope He is pleased with the answer of my life’s works.