Mrs. Topping's First Grade


Each month you will receive a choice board. These choice boards are not meant to be daunting or overwhelming. Rather, they are intended to build fine and gross motor skills, creativity, and imaginative skills. As students complete an activity, they may color that square in, and will be sharing their calendar with the class at the end of the month. In addition to the choice board, I ask that you read at home with your student each evening and practice weekly sight words. At times, I may send home specific activities that would benefit your student. Regardless, these activities should take no more than ten minutes of your evening, and many times, it will be much less.

Classroom Newsletters

I will be writing and publishing a classroom newsletter at the end of every week and you can read them here. It will cover lessons taught and highlights of the week.

Useful Links

Here is a list of links to fun and educational websites for kids.

Please note: Some of these sights contain advertisements. Parental guidance is recommended.

Photo Galleries

See some photos of the class throughout the school year.

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