Mr. MacLeod's Fourth Grade Class

Students and Families,

Welcome to our class website! I have researched out this page to safe and educational learning websites. Click on the tabs at the top of the page for each subject. You can learn a little more about your teacher below.

Best wishes and happy learning!

Mr. MacLeod

Fun Sites and Games

Answer questions quickly and accurately and laugh at memes after each question.

Join the numbers to merge the tiles in this fun logic game!

Design a subway system by drawing lines between the stations. Decide how to use your limited resources to keep the city moving.

Making Word Art is so fun! You can even add your own images. They make a fantastic gift.

My Favorite Books

The Phantom Tollbooth is one of my favorite novels about adventure, language, and the imagination.

The Chronicles of Narnia are a classic fantasy series filled with heroes, talking animals, and action.

The City of Ember is an exciting dystopian fiction series about a people who live in a city buried under the ground.

Where the Wild Things Are is a picture book about a boy who travels to a far-off land to be king of the monsters.