Library Learning Commons

@ Francestown, Greenfield, and Temple

Elementary Schools in the ConVal School District

Welcoming. Adaptable. Flexible. Participatory. Empowering.


8:20am- 3:30pm

Students and staff are welcome to check-out or return materials at any time during the school day.

The Library, also known as our "Learning Commons", is designed to be a welcoming, adaptable, flexible, participatory, & empowering space for all learners.

Checking Out Books

* Students may check out books during a Library Week, as well as with their classroom teacher.

* Books checked out during a Library week, should be returned by the next Library Week.

* Students are able to choose from any book in the library.

* Expectations for the behavior in Library are the same as in the classroom.

* Students are expected to be safe, responsible, and kind in the Library if they would like to check out books and participate in the activities.

About Mrs. Murray

Hi there! My name is Nicole Murray! I am a certified elementary school teacher as well as a certified K-12 library media specialist. I graduated from Keene State College in 2008, and completed Plymouth State University's certification program for Library Media in 2017. I started working in the Conval School District in 2015 and love being able to travel around to the different schools!

It is my goal to teach students and staff the skills needed to access, evaluate, and use information effectively, efficiently, independently, creatively, cooperatively, and ethically. I believe the library is an ever-changing space that should be flexible, fun, comfortable, and tailored to the needs of the students and staff at FES, GES, and TES.

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