Welcome to First Grade

First Grade is an exciting year for all students.

It is the year most students learn to read and, hopefully, learn to love it!

It is the year students continue their journey of counting, adding, and subtracting. Plus, they learn new concepts like place value!

It is the year students learn about the moon phases, light and sound, animals and insects through many hands-on activities.

It is the year students learn about how people lived in the past, what is a want vs. a need, and how to identify and count simple U S coins.

And finally, students continue their journey learning about their emotions and how to handle them.

Our hope is that by the end of a student's first grade year, she/he will have grown in all academic areas as well as in social thinking and acting.

Our dream is that students enjoy their year of learning and growing with us!!

Come explore our website and learn more about what students are expected to learn, what programs are used, and what is currently happening in first grade!