Submission Guidelines for Video Presentation

The CIRCH conference will run in a hybrid format, incorporating both offline presentations and virtual presentations via Zoom. To avoid any technical issues during the conference, participants who are choosing to present online are required to pre-record their presentations. These pre-recorded presentations will be shown live during the conference followed by discussions and a Q&A session. 

Participants can submit their videos here by simply uploading the videos to Google Drive. In that way, should any participant lose internet connection, the conference can still continue by playing videos that have already been downloaded.

Click to here to access the google drive

For any questions, please contact

Guidelines for the Video Presentation

I. Dress Code

The presenter must wear proper formal attire, regardless of gender. Examples are a shirt and suit pants for men, and a shirt and suit pants or skirt for women.

Note: Presenters are allowed to wear their school uniforms. However, it is still encouraged that they wear formal attire.  

II. Rules for Presentations

The pre-recorded presentation should not exceed 10 minutes at most for participants that submitted an abstract only. For people who submitted a full research paper, the length of the presentation should be within 20 minutes. 

ex) Behavioral Study of Obedience, John Brown, March 18th, 1998