We Are Currently Busy Planning CA WiT 2020!

Concord Academy's Second annual conference bringing together female and non-binary high school and middle school students through a shared interest in technology.

Date: TBA

Thank you to everyone who attended CA WiT 2019!

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Our mission is to engage women that are passionate about technology with thought-provoking discussion and hands-on activities.

CA WiT hopes to inspire women and gender non-binary individuals to engage with technology in our annual conference at Concord Academy. The conference will include a keynote speaker, workshops, and an internship social session. Come and celebrate diversity in the world of technology with us!

There are thousands of classes, majors and careers involving computers and technology. Through our conference, we hope to introduce individuals with or without any prior experience in technology to this important discipline and help them discover their own passion in this field.

Conversing with women working in tech-related fields allows young people to understand the significance behind what it means to be in their position. Sharing personal experiences and advice will help students envision what they can do in their own futures to empower, represent, and acknowledge women and gender non-binary people in technology.


Buses can be parked on Main Street, or through East Gate all the way to the end of the driveway. Cars should park in the West Gate parking lot.