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First Quarter- Completed! Sounds like time for a contest!!!

We are one quarter into the new school year!

We are still doing school virtually, but many of our friends are doing AMAZING things! Hopefully most of us are settling in and starting to feel like we are in a good groove.

Best new thing this quarter? You can CHECK OUT A REAL BOOK from the library! Follow the video or infographic below and get one for yourself.

CONTEST!! I will add a QUARTER to a jar every time you check out a book from the library this quarter. In December I'll post a pic of the jar and you can all guess how much money is in it. The closest guess gets the whole jar!

If you just want to talk or meet with me- let's virtually chat! Give me a text or call (559-549-3758) and we can have a quick meeting in Microsoft Teams. I can help you with all of the resources our school has to offer as well as great books you can choose to read! Let's chat!!

Ready to find a REAL book for your reading assignment (or for FUN!)?

Just watch this quick video to learn how to use Destiny Discover!

Or check out the step-by-step infographic below!

Step-by-step infographic!

Copy of DestinyDiscover.pdf

Want To help pick the Books in the library??

Fill out this form to let Mrs. Ward what kind of books you want us to get for our Library!!

Join the Book Club!

Fill out this interest form and I will contact you as soon as we have a book to read!

Mrs. Aimee Ward

Hello Tigers! I'm Mrs. Ward- the Computech Teacher Librarian. I came to Computech in October of 2019 and have enjoyed every minute of my time here. I previously taught English 9 and American Sign Language here in Fresno. I absolutely LOVE to read... and eat ice cream! If you need ANY help in picking out a good book or ice cream flavor, just give me a call /text (559-549-3758) or shoot me an email ( I am ready to help!