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Welcome to 9th Grade English I!

Mr. Mehl is a fresh new teacher with bright ideas and a drive to help others discover their voice. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 2019 with a BA in English education and a minor in ballroom dance. He met his wife, Bay, in a Latin dance class.

Mr. Mehl loves to grasp at the deeper questions of life that weave invisible strings through the fabric of our understanding. He also likes playing with his wife's cat, composing music, and adhering to the "rule of threes."

Course Vision

At Compass Rose Academy, we believe all students have a voice, but not everyone knows how to use their voice well. In any career that involves working with other people, clear and effective language is necessary to communicate cleanly. Our words hold power and purpose, as do the words of great authors, poets, playwrights, and thinkers.

Our 9th Grade English I class will examine why reading and writing skills matter in the 21st century. We will explore artistic expression and straightforward discourse. We will think deeply about a wide range of topics and develop good evidence-building skills, all while engaging in conversation around why reading skills, writing skills, and literature are still relevant.

Course Grading Breakdown

Assessments = 50%

Classwork = 40%

Homework = 10%


Coming Soon!

Current Unit: Coming of Age

Unit Overview

In this unit, we will read various short stories and poems that reflect the transition from childhood to adulthood as well as the privileges and responsibilities that come with it. We will explore how to analyze a writer's specific word choice and use of syntax to infer more information about a writer. Want to appear intelligent? Use big words and complex sentences. Want to sound casual and fun? Use short and sweet sentences with a tablespoon of middle-school vocabulary.

Important Updates and Deadlines

  • 9/17/19 - Last chance for fiction redo test
  • 9/19/19 - Literary voice and grammar test