ABA Services that fit your needs

Welcome to Community Behavior Analytics. Home of Culturally Competent ABA services, resources, professional development, RBT training, and supervision.

Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, Community Behavior Analytics provides services through the use of individualized, research based, culturally competent treatment. Our services are tailored to fit the needs of you and your community. We recognized that every family is different. Our goal is to help you find the best program that meets the needs of you and your family. We recognize that cultural practices are an important component of a client's social well being. That is why our process begins with a consultation that involves assessing all aspects of the client's life that can be incorporated into the treatment plan to develop the most effective intervention.

Before you call

CBA reviews current research in the field of Autism, Special Education, and Social Skills. We stay on top of the latest research-based practices. We learn about the communities we serve in order to provide the most

During your call

Our representatives will ask about the goals for you dependent and your family. We'll ask what makes you happy and what works best for your family. We'll ask about areas of concern. We'll then schedule an assessment if needed to develop the treatment plan. If we can't provide services that fit your needs we'll refer you to someone who can.

During the intervention

Our highly trained staff will work with you and your family to meet your goals. We regularly review our program and make changes based of the behavioral data.

We provide telehealth, school-based, home-based, and community based interventions

Call or Email to schedule a consultation: 1-302-307-1663 info@communitybehavior.com