Creative audio sound design, mixing, editing and recording.

Radio and TV Audio

When it comes to radio commercials, we have produced over 50,000 radio commercials over the last 40 years. From finding the right voice to adding sound effects and production music, we have you covered. Our radio clients speak for themselves:

Marathon, Sherwin Williams, Kay Jewelers, Moen, Smith Dairy, Applebee’s, Edible Arrangements, General Dynamics, Navy, Yankee Candle, Ohio Lottery, Coors, Carrier, Dirt Devil, JoAnne Stores, Pat Catan’s, Meineke, Smucker's and so many more.

Listen to our Audio demo for commercials. We can provide the expertise to help your company's radio commercials be something more than an announcer and music. From casting talent to writing an awesome script to blending SFX, music, voices, our expert audio engineers are one of a kind in the Cleveland/Akron, North East Ohio area.

Editing and Mixing

Sometimes when shooting a commercial, documentary or movie, it is impossible to get clean audio for editing/mixing use, because a director wants a shot near a noisy waterfall, subway train or in traffic. ADR is the process of taking original (noisy) field audio and replacing that audio with re-recorded audio from the studio. This is usually done while the actor looks at the original scene with timing beeps to indicate placement. Digital Audio Workstations loop this section over and over, automatically, hence the name. Once recorded, Commercial Sound + Image has a variety of tools to help placement and even lock the new audio against the original, making any replacement nearly impossible to notice.

Our studios were built from the ground up for audio. We have the great sounding sound stages for recording voice and ADR. Because of this, we have worked on many motion pictures with major studios like Disney, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon and independent films alike.

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