IBO-Boulder 2019

Intelligent Building Operations Workshop

August 7th - 9th | Boulder, Colorado


Since 2011, a series of five dedicated workshops has brought together researchers and developers of intelligent building features and systems with a goal to gain a better understanding of the state of intelligent building technologies and to identify existing gaps that should be addressed in future research and development. Historically, the one-day workshop has featured selected presentations of case studies that highlight recent developments and demonstrations of advanced sensing, control and diagnostic technologies, occupant interactions, and grid interactions.

The new two-year cyclic model to the IBO Workshop will help to facilitate theoretical advances, field applications, market transformation, as well as the professional development and establishment of young building science and energy system researchers, while recognizing the multi-year nature of most research and development projects.

About IBO-Boulder 2019

IBO-Boulder will focus on theoretical foundations, novel modeling approaches, and algorithmic advances, and will be hosted by RASEI (the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute between the University of Colorado and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory), and will be held in Boulder, Colorado.

IBO-Boulder will be a two-day event in the domain of fundamentals and approaches for intelligent building operation, energy system integration, urban energy systems, grid modernization, and building-to-grid interaction and integration. The purpose of this workshop is to enable a platform for lively exchange among building science and energy system researchers and allow for feedback, early on in multi-year research endeavors.

Daily Schedules

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About IBO-Purdue 2020

IBO-Purdue will focus on field applications, case studies, and technology solutions that can enable scalable and cost-effective intelligent building operations, will be hosted by the CHPB (Center for High Performance Buildings) at Purdue University, and will be held in West Lafayette, Indiana.

IBO-Purdue will combine a one-day workshop, featuring invited presentations, with several technical sessions held during the subsequent International High-Performance Buildings (HPB) Conference. The technical session presentations will be supplemented with papers that are part of the proceedings of the HPB conference.

IBO-Purdue and HPB conference participants will also be able attend any of the technical sessions associated with the Purdue International Compressor and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conferences, which are held concurrently in July of the even years.

Conference Location

University of Colorado’s East Campus in Boulder

Sustainability, Energy and Environment Community (SEEC) Building

4001 Discovery Dr

Boulder, CO 80303