Climate change resources

Climate change definitely seems like a scary subject to tackle... but If we break It down It can be much more manageable. Being an activist can be accomplished on a smaller scale. Doing your part can help our environment while reducing anxiety knowing you are doing what you can!

Our Intentions for this project Is to build community between students, so we thought It would be best to Include resources from some of our very own CU students! Check out what they and other organizations have to offer when It comes to doing your part.


One major contributor to climate change Is the fashion Industry, specifically fast fashion. We can do our part by shopping second hand or determining which brands are sustainable.

Clothing Catastrophe

This Is a great short video to watch to get the run down on fast fashion. Also hear from peers at CU about their own shopping habits! 

Thoughtful Threads

This website can teach you about fast fashion and different environmental statistics. Check out their solutions page for great resources to begin your sustainable fashion journey!

Global Citizen

Taking time out of your day to educate yourself can often be difficult. Many of us spend time scrolling on social media, so following different fashion centric environmental activists on different platforms can be an effective way to still consume this Information. Check out this website that lists different activists who can help guide you!

Recycling and Compost

Rules for properly discarding trash are always changing. This can make It very difficult to keep up and ensure you're doing It right. If we take the time to educate ourselves, we can start educating others as well!

Radical Recycling Raccoons

Check out this Informational podcast on current Issues with recycling and compost. This Is a great place to learn about current Boulder local regulations and how to determine what goes where!

Boulder County Compost - The Afternoon Show

A video that talks about recent rule changes In composting! Videos are a quick and easy way to learn about the topic without having to spend the time reading over research. Check It out!

Front Range Composting

Another great video also Is a great way to learn about the recent Boulder County compost changes. They go in depth about how this can Impact the front range and the CU community.


The food Industry Is another major contributor to environmental Issues. It Is enough of a problem where we should educate ourselves on sustainable food choices and where to buy from and where not to.

Local Eats

An Informational video from fellow classmates that navigates their website. This website contains Information about different options to eat sustainably. On top of this, they Include local Boulder resources as well as a cookbook with local inspired recipes!

Food Inc.

What better way to learn about the food, specifically meat, Industry's Impact on the environment than a documentary! This Is a free version that goes In depth about the food Industry, makes you question your own food choices, and can guide you In staying away from mass produced products.

Front Range Composting

Another great video also Is a great way to learn about the recent Boulder County compost changes. They go in depth about how this can Impact the front range and the CU community.

Other Resources

Personal climate activism Is not limited to fashion, recycling, compost, or food. Here Is a list of different resources you can use to educate yourself or to help you change your own habits. To create change on a macro-level, we have to take responsibility first. 

25 Ways to Save Water

Check out this website for 25 easy ways to save water at your home! Many of these suggestions provide not only ways to save water, but ways to save money as well.

Mossy Buffs

If you are a CU student who Is Interested In joining a movement against the unnatural grass on campus, check out Mossy Buff's TikTok page! They Investigate the knowledge of CU peers, their thoughts about the grass, and why this Is an Issue that should be addressed.

Colorado Environmental Groups

This website offers people around the US with environmental groups In their area. This website shares similar values as us In facilitating a community of people with shared mindsets. If you want to get educated or political Involved, just enter In your location and your environmental focus!