Connect thru climate 

You Are Not Alone!

About Our Project

Our goal is to foster a sense of community in order to decrease the feeling of climate anxiety that young people are feeling. Often, the idea of the looming destruction of our planet can feel isolating. When people feel isolated, this negatively impacts their drive to change. When people are not advocating for sustainability, reducing climate change, and saving the planet, the problem they are anxious about will only increase.


Climate Anxiety Short Film

Created as a PSA to spread awareness and acknowledgment of climate anxiety.

The coming years will carry increasing challenges for vulnerable regions and populations, while populations and regions once considered safe will be threatened. The future of every person watching and reading this post is threatened by climate change, which thinking about is almost paralyzing when a single person seemingly can't make a single difference. Climate-induced anxiety and depression are affecting all populations, especially those who are directly impacted by the effects of climate change. By legitimizing and acknowledging climate change-associated mental health decline we hope to spark conversations between individuals which will in turn create stronger communities that are driven to be more environmentally conscious.