Becker research group

The Becker group focuses on optimization and statistics for machine learning and signal processing applications. Some more information is on the website of Professor Becker (and on his second website)

Software from our group:

Summer Data-science track at the Northrop Grumman STEM camp

Beginning in 2017, we're working with Northrop Grumman and Rangeview High School in Aurora to put on a week-long data science track for high school students as part of their overall STEM camp (other tracks include cyber-security and space). Our data science group included 14 students.

In 2018, we expanded the program to include St. Vrain School District

Recent projects

To give you an idea of what we're up to in 2018

  • Parametric and compressive estimation, for phase retrieval (Jessica) in x-ray imaging, and for discovering archaeological ruins (Abby) in radar imaging without creating a DEM
  • Theoretical machine learning: sub-sampling and sketching (Farhad, Eric)
  • Avoiding and analyzing saddle points in non-convex optimization: for biconvex programming in program analysis and controls (Jessica), and for dictionary learning and neural network learning (Leo)
  • Improving accuracy of sparse estimation using mixed-integer programming (Eric, Leo)
  • Efficient computation of the cross-ambiguity function (CAF) for signal processing, to estimate time-of-arrival of radar signals (James)
  • Randomized algorithms for numerical linear algebra and optimization (James, Derek)
  • Optimization algorithms in general, and ill-conditioning and pre-conditioning (James, Jessica, Osman)
  • Efficient algorithms for GPUs (James, Derek, Jessica)
  • Tensor decompositions (Osman, Derek)
  • Robust estimation (Richie)
  • Misc imaging applications (for optical super-resolution, with Carol Cogswell's group in ECEE; and for photo-acoustic super-resolution, with Todd Murray's group in Mech E)
  • Stochastic variance reduction methods for nonlinear inverse problems
  • Remote sensing of the Chesapeake bay (Cheryl)
  • Behavior genetics (Richard, Farhad)

Our group thanks: