Colleton County School District Parent University

Overview & Purpose of Parent University

Purpose: Colleton County School District asserts, the district has a responsibility to provide a world-class education to the whole child, which includes parents of students.

Mission: to educate parents on everything from family nutrition to preparing kids for post-secondary plans

Motto: Preparing Parents to Support Student Success (PS3)

Desired Outcome: Parents who attend the PALS Parent University will become more engaged in their children’s academic programs and the larger community.

Navigating Technology with Your Children

*New* Student Confidentiality Form

Google Classroom for Parents

Google Classroom Training

Edmentum for Parents

PowerSchool for Parents

Echo for Parents (New Tech students)

Google Meet for Parents

Managing Your Child's Screen Time

The Impact of Social Media and Gaming

Internet Safety

Health & Wellness

What We're Doing to Keep Students Safe in the Blended Environment

Building Healthy At-Home Behaviors

Raising Confident, Competent Children

Stress Management

Time Management

Raising Resilient Children

Healthy, Cost-Effective Meals

Exercise and Stress Reduction Strategies

Mental Health Services - Resource


Navigating the School System

Parent Teacher Conference Tips

Understanding Test Scores

Helping Your Child Adjust (From Daycare to Pre-K)

Individual Graduation Plans

Graduation Requirements

The Importance of Attendance