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Figuring out which colleges are a good fit, how to apply to them, and how to pay for it all can be overwhelming. CollegeTracks helps high school juniors & seniors apply to and afford college.

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The Wheaton CollegeTracks Team

  • I earned a Master of Arts in Education (M.Ed) from the University of Vermont & a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) in Painting from Arcadia University

  • I'm a proud owner of two doggos, Finn & Chulo

  • I live in DC with my wife

  • I play for three area women's soccer teams

  • I earned my Bachelor's degree from the University of California-Berkeley (Cal) and my Master's degree from Harvard

  • I was born and raised in Los Angeles and love west coast hip-hop artists

  • My father is from Mexico and my mother is from El Salvador

  • I got married in Las Vegas

  • I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education from Trinity Washington University

  • I have a dog named Chase, a betta named Leo, and 6 koi fish in a pond. At one point I had 5 bunnies, 11 koi fish, 3 hens, and 2 roosters

  • I love outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring new parks

  • I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and have most of their Funko Pop. I'm working on obtaining more collectibles.

  • I love to read books. My yearly goal at the moment is 115 books and it keeps getting higher.

  • I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Davidson College where I was the Class of 2020's William Holt Terry Scholar.

  • I was on an episode of Elmo’s World when I was a baby.

  • I am originally from Harlem in New York City but I went to boarding school in the mountains of North Carolina.

  • I love to travel. So far I’ve visited 10 countries on 3 continents!