THANK YOU College Mennonite Church family and friends for your continued assistance with our congregation’s resettlement ministry. It is always a privilege to watch families move into a house and make these spaces their new home.  Such joy!  Thank you for extending God’s love and grace through this ministry of hospitality.

Clothing Needs 

(contact person: Jean Hartzler

Are you interested in helping with our clothing ministry for refugees? Please contact Jean if you’d like to give a little time during the week hanging new clothes and maintaining our “balcony boutique.”  

The purpose of our clothes supply is to offer help to those families who have just arrived and are in need of a few changes of clothes. With so much the families have to maneuver upon arrival, giving them one less thing to try to figure out has been a blessing.  

We are ready for Fall and Winter clothes! You can bring items to the church office during open hours, or connect directly with Jean to find a good drop-off time.

Items that are needed:

Please be sure clothes are clean and stain-free. 

Household Goods Needs 

(contact persons: Dave & Rose Widmer; 

Email Rose and Dave Widmer at or call 574-536-1271 (Rose) if you have HOUSEHOLD items to donate. 


If you are in the process of moving we are also available to come to your home, to pick up items, if you’d like.


Items in BOLD PRINT are out of stock and immediately needed. 



Hand mixer / Blender

Set of Mixing Bowls

Measuring Cups & Spoons

Kitchen Utensils (spatula, whisk, knife, serving utensils, etc)

Hand Can Opener

Storage containers

Soup Pot / Sauce Pan / Frying Pan

Baking / Casserole dish

Dishcloths, Dishtowels, Potholders




Dinnerware (Plates, Bowls, Mugs/Cups & Saucers)

Pitchers & Water Glasses (Glass or Tupperware)

Teakettle / Coffee maker

Stainless Silverware

Serving Bowls



Double Sheets & Pillowcases

Blankets, Quilts, Comforters



Shower curtains and rings

Towel Sets



Laundry and Waste Baskets


Mop, broom, dustpan, small vacuum

Throw Rugs

Furniture Needs 

(contact person: June Alliman Yoder;; 574-596-1814)

Pick up service is available for donations.





--Sofa (not sofa beds)

--Side chairs


--End tables/coffee tables

--Area rugs

--Lamps: floor lamps and table lamps


--Dressers and chest of drawers

--Night stands


be an ambassador

The Ambassador serves as the liaison between the furniture and household goods coordinators and the family during their move into a new home.

Most of the work involves texting in English (the family translates your texts into Spanish) Through texting, you introduce yourself as the church ambassador, and find out their available times for furniture delivery and what more is needed to set up their house. This allows the family to have one person they are connecting to for information. The Google translate app will help you translate their texts into English from Spanish. The WhatsApp app is the texting format our refugee families use. If you are ever in person, the SayHi app allows you to talk into your phone, and the Spanish translation is spoken immediately. It's like having your own translator right there with you!

For more information, contact Matthew Lind, or other ambassadors: Allen Peachy, Jane Short, Marilyn Graber, Phyllis Stutzman, Sue Neeb and Weldon Friesen.

Click the button below to join our CMC Ambassadors! 

Transportation Needs 

(contact person: Cara Jeeves; 

If you have the ability to help with transportation to immigration appointments, click the button below. Masks and covid tests will be available prior to riding together in a vehicle. The church will offer reimbursement for gas and meals.