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  • Better In Business

    • Who are the successful businessmen that used to suit up on the gridiron back in the day. The College Football Network will cover the lives, careers and businesses of former players who are having success as entrepreneurs. Learn about them and the companies they built.

  • Big Game Weekends (airing this winter on The College Football Network)

    • Join us as we capture the weekend ambience in the cities and on university campuses for some of the biggest college football games of the 2022 season! Featuring the Tennessee vs Georgia, South Carolina vs Florida, USC vs UCLA, and Michigan vs Ohio State matchups.

  • Build Them Bigger

    • This show covers the architectural & engineering planning and construction management of the latest improvements to college football coliseums. Hosted by College Football Network founder, president and civil engineer Maxwell R. Carter, PE.

  • Cook Like A Champion (Now Available)

    • Checkout how to create delicious dishes for your next tailgate or watch party.

  • Drafted Documentaries

    • Each episode features a randomly chosen former college football player. We share their life-story highlighting up bringing, high school and college career and life after college football. Discuss what was happening during college football when they played and some the legends that played or coached during that time.

  • Housewives of College Football

    • A look into the lives of coaches' wives. Who are these women? How did they meet their husbands? What do they do while their husband is working? What's important to them? How have they impacted their husbands? Showcasing interviews with coaches, wives, families and family friends highlighting the important roles these ladies play as a wife, a mother and member of their community.

  • CFN's Late Nite Show

    • A late nite talk show that has special guests who are former college football players and celebrities who talk about all sorts of different topics. Includes a lot of funny skits.

  • Recruiting Engineers

    • We're taking some of the nation's top high school recruits on a few field trips to expose them to various fields of engineering and try to inspire them to choose a career in engineering after football. We are trying to take them to a nuclear power plant, the Hoover Dam, Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Facility, TVA River Forecasting Center, a few large scale construction projects with heavy equipment and dynamite blasting, Marshal Spaceflight Center and a NASA rocket launch.

  • College Football Roadshow

    • Checkout pieces of college football history and autographed memorabilia that is on the market for sale.

  • College Football Saturday Headquarters

    • Saturday pregame show to get fans ready for a great day of football!

  • Scrambling Around

    • Giving you an inside look into the housing search for some of college football newest head coaching hires. What kind of homes does a coach with a multi-million dollar contract shop for?

  • Grant Hill Mental Health Clinic Sunday Show

    • Grant Hill was a Christian-athlete who played football at The University of Alabama and graduated with bachelors & masters degrees in psychology. He was set to start his PhD in psychology at Southern Illinois University in 2022, but experienced a fatal accident on October 31, 2021. His dream was to open a mental health clinic that focused on helping athletes and young adults going through transition periods.

    • This show will feature a clinical psychologist and preacher as they educate the audience about various psychological disorders, different types of therapy techniques (e.g. Emotional Flashbacks, PTSD & EMDR Therapy) and educate the audience how they can use their faith to help with issues like anxiety, anger, and depression.

      • Also special guest appearances from former college football players who would like to share how their faith helped them get through a difficult period in their life

    • Learn more about Grant Hill at