Payment & Insurance Billing Policies

While all clients are asked to read, complete, and sign a number of forms when they start with us, we understand that the details can be easy to miss. Here's some policies that we think are important for folks to remember and know more about.

Indicating a Payment Preference

When you fill out the Credit/Debit Card Consent Form, you will indicate a preference for how you would like your card to be charged following sessions. You may select from the options below, but you can let your therapist know at any time if you'd like to change this preference. 

Payment Difficulties & Outstanding Balances

Payment Plans

Payment Plans are available for clients that need to spread out payments. 

Sliding Scale

All of our clinicians see some clients at a reduced fee. While we accept a number of insurances, not everyone is able to utilize their coverage, or even has coverage to use. All reduced fee agreements are set up between the therapist and client, and are reviewed every 6 months.

Using Insurance

We accept a number of different insurances, which may vary by provider. Accepting insurance helps us in expanding access to culturally affirmative care for many people who might otherwise not be able to afford regular, long-term therapy. However, insurance networks, with the many different kinds of plans available within them, can make using your insurance unnecessarily complicated. We're happy to assist in this process by checking your benefits before your intake appointment. While many people coming to see us are able to use their insurance without issue, that is never guaranteed. That's why we recommend that clients check their own mental health benefits prior to the intake as well. This helps to ensure that we're being given the right information, and that your experience of using insurance goes smoothly too. Please check out our worksheet for checking your mental health benefits here: 

Checking Your Benefits [v2].pdf

Receiving Your Initial Benefits Quote: Policies & Procedures to Be Aware of

This Quote is not a Guarantee of Coverage: 

The information shared in your benefits quote was obtained either through an online provider portal, or by calling your insurance company's benefits line. Misquotes of benefits do happen, which is why again, we encourage clients to check their benefits as well. At any time, you may call your insurance to speak with a benefits representative for questions, concerns, or more clarification in understanding your mental health coverage.

Making Sure that your Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) Match this Quote: 

After your intake appointment, we will submit a claim to your insurance plan. For the first few appointments, we will be sure to monitor the insurance reports for these sessions to make sure that they match the client responsibility amount quoted to you. We ask that you also look out for any EOBs from your insurance that may come in the mail, or to your account on your insurance company’s member portal.

Insurance Changes: 

Please note that it is your responsibility to inform us of any insurance plan changes as soon as you are able so that we can better ensure accurate billing for your care at Collage. We will send out new insurance verification forms before the beginning of each year, as this is when most plans renew. If your insurance plan renews at another point in the year, we will send a new form prior to that renewal as well. With any other changes, please tell your therapist or email us at