Empower Your Future

Commonwealth Corporation created Empower Your Future in partnership with the Department of Youth Services and the Collaborative for Educational Services.

Empower Your Future is a series of curricula designed to help young people develop academic/technical, workplace readiness, and personal/social competencies needed to be proactive, resilient, and adaptive as they transition back to their communities to attend school or work. It is used during the Career Exploration Seminar time block in DYS programs.

The Empower Your Future model is based on the Possible Selves theory and the Massachusetts Career Development Benchmarks. EYF curriculum aligns with these benchmarks by emphasizing academic/technical competencies, workplace readiness competencies, and personal and social competencies. The goal of the EYF curriculum is to have students work on these competencies, identify and work toward a positive possible self, and become proactive, resilient, and adaptive as they transition back to work or school.

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