I highly recommend Colin Hyde for leak testing and solving troubling leaks. Colin is extremely professional and very knowledgeable about all the problem areas from the inside out. He leak tested my unit and found over twenty (20) leaks that he sealed for me. He replaced the two roof vents with new metal ones that actually seal around the vents. After my dealer dismissed a black stain on the fabric of the curb side wall of my trailer I called Colin. I had read about having my unit leak tested as a yearly preventative measure in Airstream Magazine by Rich Luhr.

Colin quickly found the recessed license plate holder had a big gap at the bottom and sealed that area. I asked him to cut the laminate floor below where the "black stain" was cleaned. To my horror I saw a wet black slimmy coating of mold on the floor. Colin told me how to clean the area and gave me some suggestions on where to look for water after I got home. I returned home and pulled up the flooring to find a one foot by three foot wet area. I found I still had a trickle of water, I removed the license plate and found two (2) metal screws had pierced the plastic plated holder from the inside of the trailer. I called Colin and asked for advice in chasing the little bit of water I still had. He advised me on how to seal these areas and what product to use.

I can not say enough wonderful things about Colin and how I feel he saved my floor from rotting away. My 2008 Classic is still under warranty and if I did nothing like the dealer suggested imagine my surprise a couple of years. I will make going to Colin Hyde's a yearly routine to ensure I have a dry Airstream.

-Lin W. Massachusetts

In February of 2007 I was crossing railroad tracks in a remote section of Georgia when the wheels fell off my 1966 Caravel. As I watched both wheels pass me on either side of the truck I remembered that replacing the axle was one of the final items on my “to do” list in the 10 year Caravel rebuilding project. The spindles on my trailer snapped and the street side wheel tore up the skin behind the wheel well and the curb side wheel punched up into the floor under the stove. After being towed to an even more remote junkyard in Georgia and in a somewhat highly emotional state (I wasn’t crying but this was my beloved Airstream) I called my friend Steve Hinghton at Vintage Trailer Supply for help. He told me to call a guy named Colin Hyde in Plattsburgh, NY. Thus began a business relationship which these many years later I now consider a friendship. Before my call with Colin was through that day in Georgia, I had been completely reassured that things could be fixed; I had been instructed as to how to make temporary repairs to the trailer so I could eventually continue my journey to the southwest; and I was assured that the proper axle would arrive at the remote junk yard in a few weeks and it would fit. It did, it fit perfectly, and I spent the next 3 months on the road as planned.

When I returned to my home in Burlington, VT I contacted Colin and arranged to have the damage professionally repaired. I was updated weekly with photos via email on the progress and within the specified time period I had my Caravel back looking better than I had ever hoped. Colin asked at the time if I had ever considered something bigger than 17’ but I assured him I was quite happy with the Caravel. But within a few months I found a 61 Tradewind in a field and decided maybe bigger was better. So for the past 2&1/2 years with Colin’s guidance I disassembled the Tradewind, towed it over to his shop for a new axle, some frame, body & floor work, and a few cool additions. I towed it back home to replace wiring and install inside skin and hauled it back to Colin for a beautiful Zolatone paint job. I put it all back together just in time for my annual January departure in 2010.

Colin Hyde is known as “Mr. Airstream” and in my opinion he deserves the title. He has done outstanding work for me and I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so because in my opinion, when it comes to rebuilding vintage trailers, he is as good as it gets.

- Barry Mansfield

"It has been a true pleasure to have Colin restore our 1963 Airstream Tradewind. His extensive knowledge and experience made this project a real success. Colin was able to keep the vintage look of our trailer while upgrading all of the components (Axle, plumbing, electrical, etc) with modern state of the art components. In addition Suzanne helped us in picking just the right fabrics and colors to make this trailer perfect. The trailer won best of show at the 2008 Tin Can Tourists show. I highly recommend Colin for any restoration project you may have"

- Sig & Dawn VanDamme

I had the rare pleasure of watching Colin and crew at work, for a week while they repaired and restored my 1996 Airstream Excella. They were meticulous in every sense of the word.

The care and the precision of the work left my awestruck. I drove my trailer all the way from Central Florida to Upper New York State so that he and his dedicated staff of professionals could work on it. Why drive so far you may ask? It is simple. I like things done right the first time and I appreciate expert craftsmanship. The most surprising thing abut the whole experience was the cost. He brought the whole project in on budget and on time despite lousy weather. I have no problem recommending Colin Hyde to repair and/or restore you Airstream. The quality of the workmanship and communication with the client is the best in the industry. Do not trust your treasured investment to anyone but the best and the best is Colin Hyde.

- Bill Clayton bclayton@bellsouth.net