Academic Posters

 at Colgate University

The Staff of the Digital Learning & Media Center can support the printing of academic posters.

What we do:

What we DON'T do:

•  We print posters at no charge FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES ONLY 

•  Serve as a back-up for academic departments with poster printers

•  Promotional posters.  See  University Printing 

•  Walk up printing.  All posters must be submitted according to the procedure listed here at least 2 days in advance

•  Do custom sizing or post-processing.  See: standards

•  Deliver posters.  Posters must be picked up at the DLMC on the 5th floor of Case Library & Geyer Center for Information Technology

•  Offer different types of paper, Doubleweight Matte paper is used for out prints.

What is a Poster Session?

Wikipedia once defined a poster session as "the juried presentation of research information by representatives of several research teams at a congress or conference with an academic or professional focus." 

During a poster session, many researchers and their posters are typically available in a conference room, accessible to circulating attendees.  The poster session provides for the presentation of their research in a more interactive, less formal, venue than a conference presentation, allowing attendees to ask questions and provide suggestions to the participants. A poster session may also supplement a conference presentation by allowing a demonstration of, or hands-on access to, associated technologies, such as computer software. 

Poster sessions are routine for many science departments at Colgate and are also conducted at the end of the summer research program.

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