Mr. Matney's Classroom

About Me

Hey there, rockstars and musicians in the making! I'm Brian Matney, and I'm thrilled to be sliding back into the teacher's groove for my encore performance. This isn't just my second year in the spotlight; I've been jamming with many of you during our after-school escapades for a while now.

Get ready to dive into a world of melody and innovation, because my goal is to light up your passion for music like never before. My saxophone has been belting out tunes for two decades, gracing stages in bands and churches across this great land of ours.

But hold on, there's more to the story – I've got a tech itch that just can't be ignored. From unraveling mysteries inside gadgets at the age of 12 to becoming the legendary "computer guy" for friends and family, I've been surfing the digital waves like a pro. And when the spotlight isn't on me, you can catch me orchestrating behind the scenes in my church's tech booth, adding a dash of high-tech magic to our worship.

Oh, and let's not forget another dimension to my persona: I'm the Dungeon Master of epic quests in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, where imagination knows no bounds.

So, as we kick off this new chapter together, get ready to harmonize with knowledge, groove with technology, and embark on adventures that go beyond the realm of textbooks. This year is going to be a symphony of learning, laughter, and limitless possibilities. Let's make it legendary – both in the classroom and beyond!