Colcord School Counseling Department

Welcome to the Colcord School Counseling Department!

My name is Gayle DuBois. I have been a school counselor for 22 years. I began my school counseling career at Colcord High School in 2000. I left in 2005 and was fortunate enough to be able to return this school year.

I am here to help encourage students:

Belief in development of whole self, including a healthy balance of mental, social/emotional and physical well-being

Sense of acceptance, respect, support and inclusion for self and others in the school environment

Positive attitude toward work and learning

Self-confidence in ability to succeed

Belief in using abilities to their fullest to achieve high-quality results and outcomes

Understanding that postsecondary education and lifelong learning are necessary for long-term success

In addition, I can help your student with Learning Strategies, Self Management Skills and Social Skills.

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