FilmED in St. Helens

filmed in St. Helens:

Also Filmed In Columbia County:

  • Ring of Fire (1961) Vernonia

  • Dust Factory (2002) Clatskanie

  • Blast (2000) Vernonia

  • Men of Honor (2000) Rainier

  • Thumbsucker (2005) Vernonia

  • Tillamook Treasure (2006) Vernonia

  • The Vernonia Incident (1989) Vernonia

Can anyone help us identify what movie is being filmed in this footage?

Yes! Someone has..

I'm fairly certain it's from filming a "small town patriotic parade" scene used as part of a Farmer's Insurance commercial. I was in the SH High School marching band in that. You can't see the band anywhere in the video because we were staged on Cowlitz St. west of S 1st St so were hidden behind the buildings. They did many, many takes of the parade not just different angles on the street, but also a shot out through the front windows of the Barber shop that used to be on the plaza (I don't live in St. Helens anymore, so I don't know what's there now). So we had to march around the plaza quite a few times that day, along with a lot of time just waiting around while things got adjusted and ready for the next take. I was in HS from 88-92 but I can't remember what year the filming was. I feel like it may have been my junior year, but I could easily be mistaken. So there's some more pieces to the puzzle! :-)

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