CHS Handbook


Student Handbook 2020-2021 - CHS (2).doc.pdf

CHS Handbook 2020-2021

The following site consists of rules and procedures for Cherokee High School. If you would like to view/print a copy along with the Colbert County rules and procedures, click the image to the right.

"The student handbook is a very important informational document that guides schools, parents, and students. The information that it contains guides decisions made every day. During this time of uncertainty with COVID-19 there are some things that will change throughout the school year. Items that deal with visitors, health, safety, lunch program, attendance, exams, etc.; we direct you to the Colbert County Reopening Plan for the latest information on these items. Both of these documents together along with additional documents based on the pandemic will direct us through this school year. As for exams due to the ever-evolving pandemic, it is impossible to ensure that all students be given the same opportunity to exempt exams by grades plus attendance. In light of this, Colbert County Schools will not have exams for this school year. Those days typically scheduled for exams will be used as instructional days."