Metamask Wallet: the Crypto Wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and Nfts

MetaMask wallet- En route to install, set up, log in, and fix issues 

Are you new to MetaMask? Want to gather all the information regarding its usage beforehand? Don’t worry! this document has got you covered. Read below to know more about each topic separately. Hopefully, you’ll end up finding what you were looking for.

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What is MetaMask and how to use MetaMask wallet?

To put it short and simple, we can say that MetaMask is a decentralized as well as an Ethereum-based non-custodial wallet that allows all its users to safely store their crypto assets. Once you set up your wallet, you can use some of its additional functions as well such as buying, sending, swapping, or converting crypto assets.

To use the MetaMask wallet, you can use any web browser (Edge, Opera, Firefox, Brave, or Chrome) to which you can add the MetaMask extension. Once the extension is added, select the “Get Started” option to start using the wallet after following a few easy steps.

How does MetaMask wallet work? 

When you install and add the MetaMask extension or its mobile application, it converts your browser into a wallet by injecting its Web3 API into it. While you set up the wallet, you are provided with a secret recovery phrase that you can use to access your wallet on any device of your choice.

The best thing about this wallet is that you do not need to use any additional plug-ins to run. Also, the services offered by this wallet are completely free to use. After successfully opening your wallet, you can easily view or use your MetaMask wallet address to send/ receive crypto coins to another address.

Download, setup and install MetaMask wallet

Whether you wish to get a MetaMask extension for Firefox, Chrome, or any other supported web browser, the initial process for all remains the same. Here is what you need to do to get started:

Note: There is no MetaMask extension for mobile chrome or MetaMask extension android. Mobile users can use MetaMask by installing the MetaMask application on their Android or iOS devices either from their respective application stores or by navigating to sign up - Take a tour to create a new wallet 

After adding the wallet extension or installing the MetaMask app, you need to make sure that you set up a wallet for using the features and functionalities of the wallet. Here are the steps for the same:

Different ways to log into MetaMask

Just open the MetaMask extension or the app, in the given space, enter your MetaMask log in password, and hit the “Unlock” button. If you are not locked as of yet, you can access your wallet even without entering the password.

In order to import an account using the private key, you simply need to click on the circular icon at the top of the wallet present just next to the network indicator. Followed by this, hit the “Import account” option where on the following page you can enter your private key and hit the “Import” option.

If you could not recall your MetaMask login password, you can simply import the wallet using the secret recovery phrase. For this, just select the “Import wallet” option present on the main page of the wallet. Once that is done, you can enter the words of the seed phrase in the requested manner, and then set a new password.

List of MetaMask wallet supported coins

The biggest disadvantage that it comes along with is that it does not support Bitcoin. However, it does support the following:

Eliminating MetaMask wallet issues

Closing the read: 

Now that you have learned enough about using the MetaMask wallet, I hope you will be able to get started with it. But, one thing that you need to be extremely careful of is to keep your secret recovery phrase away from prying eyes. And, always keep a backup of it because this key is the ultimate gateway to access your wallet under any conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

To set up a MetaMask wallet on an Android device, you just need to install the wallet application on your Android device by navigating to the Google Play Store. Once you have the application, open it and tap “Get Started.” Back up your seed phrase and then set up your login password to complete the process.

In order to unlock the wallet, click on the wallet extension icon that is present at the taskbar of your web browser. In the main window, just type the MetaMask login password, and select the “Unlock” button to access your wallet. Once that is done, your wallet would be unlocked.

If you are not able to find out your wallet address for MetaMask, then here is the way to do so. First of all, you need to navigate to the wallet and sign into it. Followed by this, go to the place where your account name is written. Just under your account name, you’ll be able to see your wallet address.

On your PC, you can install MetaMask wallet in the form of its browser extension which can be added to browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera, or Firefox. Once you are done with adding the extension, you can go ahead with selecting the “Get Started” button and then following the necessary steps to set up your wallet.

MetaMask gives you the ability to connect to different hardware as well as software wallets. Once you are done with opening an account on MetaMask, you can connect it to wallets such as Trezor, Ledger, Keystone, Lattice, and many more.

After adding MetaMask wallet as a browser extension, it will be easily accessible through your browser only. All you need to do is click on the Foxface icon given at the top of the browser’s taskbar. After opening it, you can either set up a new wallet or you can also access an existing wallet just by entering the correct login password.

By using the “Swaps” feature that is available via you can easily swap one crypto with another one. As soon as you click on the “Swap” button, you will be presented with the list of crypto assets that are available for swap.

In case you ever forget your MetaMask password, you can easily reset your password directly from the login screen. To teach you how to do that, the team has published a written tutorial for the same which is available at

Open the website with which you wish to connect your MetaMask wallet. Now, from the main screen of MetaMask, you need to open the three dots menu and select the “Connected Sites” option. On the landing screen, you need to select the option referred to as “Manually connect to the current site.”

Create an account on one of the supported exchanges such as Binance. Once your account is created, you need to copy your Ethereum address from there and then use the same to send your Ethereum from MetaMask to Binance. Once the ETH is received in Binance, you need to sell off your ETH and withdraw the money to your bank account.