Metamask Chrome | Metamask Extension For Chrome And Firefox

A growing industry like crypto is always in need of new and advanced features that could enhance their trading experience. But, the rate of cybercrimes is also high as time passes and to steer clear of them, people want a safe wallet. Some of them began using hardware wallets, and those who do not want to spend money on the purchase of hardware wallets are still looking for one. So, as your guide, we present you with one of the marvelous software wallets called MetaMask Chrome. In the guide here, we provide details like wallet installation, setup, and login procedures. You must read this article if you are a first-time user because it will be helpful to you for the setup. So, let's get you started with MetaMask Wallet.

MetaMask Download

You can start to use the MetaMask Wallet after installing it. Here, you have two options now, to either download and install it on your default browser on the laptop as a browser extension or as a mobile application. Some people like to install both of them so, that they can access their MetaMask Account through any device they want. So, here is the process to install it.

MetaMask Extension

First, we will tell you the installation guide of the browser extension. So let’s get you started on the installation of it:

The download will soon be complete, as you can see the downloading progress on the toolbar menu of the browser. Also, if you do not have Chrome as your default browser, then on the link above if you scroll down a little, the downloading links of all other supported browsers are present. Just tap on the logo of your browser on the page and follow the further instructions given.

MetaMask Application

Here is the process to install the mobile application, follow the steps accurately to avoid the encounter of issues.

The download will now complete and you can start to use the MetaMask Application or the MetaMask Chrome browser extension.

New Wallet account setup

The following is the guide for you to register a fresh account on the wallet, and you will have to follow them accurately to avoid making mistakes. The process might take around ten minutes or more to complete, so if you are free to spare the time, begin the procedure, otherwise avoid it. 

After the performance of these six steps, you will have your MetaMask account. The execution of this process will be easier if you use the MetaMask Chrome browser extension than the mobile application. It’s because people tend to make more mistakes in the procedure than in the extension. Remember to be patient through this, one mistake and you might have to repeat the whole process.

How to log in to MetaMask?

Now, follow the login guide to get into the wallet account if logged out accidentally or using it after quite a long time. Then in cases like this, you will have to re-login to your account to start using it. Thus, here we are with the steps:

If you’ve entered the correct password, then it will log in, but if not you will have to try again. Sometimes, you cannot recall the password so in this case, you will have to change it, and for this press the Forgot Password button.

How to keep your MetaMask account safe? 

In this article section, we will tell you the safety tips you can perform to avoid falling into online scams and keep your assets safe. You need to perform them because MetaMask is a non-custodial that cannot take full responsibility for security, thus you need to know these measures:

These are some of the security points for the protection of your MetaMask Chrome account.

Wrapping it Up!

You now have the full guide on how to start using the wallet, and if you need any more clarification on the things related to MetaMask the use of the blog section will help you. There you will surely get the answers you need to for your MetaMask Chrome wallet. The wallet is the perfect choice for fresh users to experience the crypto industry. Even some experienced users can explore the advanced features it offers, but what you need to remember is that this wallet only supports the ERC-20 tokens and executes transactions through the Ethereum blockchain. So, if you need any other token, then use the other software wallets for it.

Disclaimer:  We have created this website to guide and train our readers about using MetaMask. The information furnished here may not be 100% accurate. So, you are advised to use the given information of your own accord after measuring the consequences.