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A Detailed operating manual of the ledger.com/start

In comparison with software wallets, hardware wallets are proven to be more effective and efficient in protecting the digital assets of the users. However, purchasing the ledger.com/start wallet might be expensive, but it is a one-time investment opportunity and you can use the services of this wallet for the next three years. 

In this article right here, we will tell you the setup and login of Ledger Wallet, because there is a difference between using a software wallet and a cold storage wallet. Hence, let us take you further into the guide of Ledger hardware wallet.

Ledger wallet download

Since, we know that Ledger Wallet is a hardware wallet, you cannot just install it from the Google Play Store or the Chrome Web Store. You need to order this wallet device using the Ledger Wallet Website. On the said website, you first need to compare the types of products it offers and see if the price range is in your budget or not. Order the one that is more suitable for you. Although Ledger is a hardware wallet, to operate on it you must have the official ledger.com/start application. To get this application on your device, follow the guide here:

For any problems related to it, just use the support services to raise the complaint. Other than that, we assure you that there is no better security than the use of hardware wallets.

How to set up Ledger?

Since Ledger has several models of hardware wallets, it is tough to explain the setup steps of all the Ledger wallets, even if there is a slight difference between them. So, in this article section, we will explain to you the setup procedure of a single model that is pretty much more famous than all the other models. And the name is Ledger Nano S, get ready to learn the setup process using the Ledger.com/start link.

Use the ledger official website if you want to learn the setup procedure of any other Ledger Wallet model.

Ledger wallet login steps

The login procedure in software and hardware wallets is a completely different thing. The idea of inputting the unlocking password is the same, but the way is not the same. So, as a hardware wallet user, read out the below steps to learn about the login procedure:

In these easy six steps, you are on the dashboard of your ledger.com/start crypto wallet account.

List of wallets compatible with Ledger

This ledger.com/start wallet is compatible with some of the software wallets as well. You can combine both wallets to double your security and use the features of both hardware as well as the software wallet. So here is the list of names of the wallet:

Well the list is not all, but these were some of the examples of the names, if you want the full list use this link from the official website and visit the page yourself https://www.ledger.com/

Is ledger live a wallet?

Ledger Live is not exactly a wallet but a part of a wallet. Ledger Live is just a software application to give you insights into your account on the actual Ledger hardware wallet. The main execution of transactions is only possible through the actual use of the hardware wallet and the Ledger Live App altogether. Other than that you can track the investment you made through the application and the other price level changes of the assets also. Also, ledger.com/start has an enormous list of crypto assets, and the listed currencies vary from device to device. However, by using the link here https://www.ledger.com/supported-crypto-assets you can view the asset list and decide if you want to use any of the Ledger Wallet or not.

Concluding Thoughts!

The article explaining the use of Ledger.com/start comes to an end here. However, people who are not fully convinced related to this wallet, should visit the official page and review the features from there. Select the best Ledger Wallet for yourself and enjoy trading on the most secure wallet to ever exist. There are no such cases of security breaches on the Ledger Wallet, trust the security measures undertaken by the wallet. It even protects your funds if your hardware device is lost only if you have the secret recovery phrase with you and nobody else.

Ledger Official Contact Information

Email- support@ledger.com

Official Website: https://www.ledger.com/

Ledger Support: https://support.ledger.com/